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Absolutely. Remote working doesn’t mean a side hustle, we are looking for applicants that can commit to both long- and short- term projects. With guaranteed work, working for Re-Work can absolutely be a full time job, with the benefit of working from anywhere.

Because we’re innovators, we’re embracing the new way of working, especially post-Covid19. We don’t need tech talent to be bound to one place; we believe bringing people together from across the globe can create something special. We’re saying no to borders and yes to freedom, and we want you to choose to do that with us.

Re-Work gives you the opportunity to work with some of the biggest fintech brands in the industry. You bring the talent, we bring the challenge. You could work on projects such as developing sophisticated financial products and innovations, mobile apps, online trading products, plus much more.

Just like any other team, you will have a dedicated team lead who will direct you and your projects. They will be accessible to you during working hours through our many forms of communication.

Joining Re-Work will be joining a team — only remotely. Thanks to our vast tools for communication, we still work as a team across borders.

You will need your own machine (laptop or PC) as you will be working remotely. We will provide the technology and software as well as the support.

We offer a market-based hourly rate for all our positions, based on your location of residence. This rate will be calculated by taking a competitive market-based full-time gross employment salary for your role and location, and dividing by the average number of working hours per annum. Our objective is to offer an attractive remuneration package for your location of residence.

Your pay rate will be determined by market rates in your location for persons with similar years of experience and levels of skill. Re-Work will re-evaluate your performance and level of skill, at least on an annual basis, and will offer you increases accordingly.

You will be paid in cryptocurrency (preferably Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, USDC, or Tether), every 30 days, on or about the 15th of every month.

Contracts with Re-Work are independent contractor agreements, not employment contracts.

We’d say working from wherever you want, however you want is a pretty big benefit! We also offer the support of a team around you, guidance from a team lead, and a support system you can access regarding projects or technology. Since contracts with Re-Work are not employment contracts, there are no employment benefits provided.

We specialise in tech, so there are various roles available, from developers to IT specialists, such as Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Developer, Software Tester, Automation Tester, Mobile App Developer, plus much more. Visit our Careers page for more details.

React, Perl, Figma, Nginx, Docker, plus many more. We use a wide range of technologies to get the very best out of our projects. Get in touch with us for more details.

Travel may be required to meet up with your fellow colleagues. All expenses will be covered in this instance.

Engagement contracts with Re-Work are on an indefinite basis — they continue as long as both parties feel they derive value from the engagement.

Whatever works best for you — as long as it has Wi-Fi! The beauty of Re-Work is, you work wherever you feel you thrive; whether that’s at home, in a remote location, or even on the road. The only thing we need from your environment is a stable internet connection so you can both work and keep in touch with your fellow team members.

You are expected to work more or less on a full-time basis. This will mean 6-9 hours/day, depending on your preference. Since you will be paid on an hourly rate for work performed, you may take whatever holidays you choose throughout the year.

We only pay in cryptocurrency as we are embracing the new digital banking age as well as the new way of working, and wish to attract forward-looking fintech-savvy contractors.

All amounts paid by Re-Work are gross amounts. You are responsible for paying your own taxes and contributions in your country of residence.

We only pay for the hours you work. If you are sick or decide to take a holiday, you will not be paid for these days.

You and Re-Work can terminate the engagement any time, based on a mutual agreement of how much work remains to be done on any outstanding projects that you may be involved in.

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